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Bug#30090: Trouble updating (trashed my X setup)

peter@dat95pkn.campus.mdh.se (Peter Karlsson)  wrote on 04.03.99 in <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.05.9903041220330.3213-100000@dat95pkn.campus.mdh.se·3>:

> > Just for grins, I note you're in .se.  Do you happen to have the LANG or
> > any of the LC_* variables set?  If so, try unsetting them and PLEASE let
> > me know if that fixes the problem or changes nothing.
> That solved the problem... I had LC_TYPE=iso_8859_1 and
> LC_ALL=sv_SE.ISO8859-1 set, and when I unset those, the install script
> didn't complain.

I can verify this.

I just had dpkg die when installing grub; strace showed that it dies  
shortly after not being abe to rmdir /usr/doc/grub, IIRC; it called some  
I18N routines, then died. Unsetting LANG (was de_DE) removed the coredump.

It's definitely an I18N bug.

MfG Kai

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