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Bug#34397: dpkg: Upgrade from hamm, via apt-get, hangs when selecting xserver-common

Ian Jackson wrote:
> scottkj@londo.prl.research.philips.com writes ("Bug#34397: dpkg: Upgrade from hamm, via apt-get, hangs when selecting xserver-common"):
> > Selecting previously deselected package xserver-common.
> >
> > It remained at this point for about 10 mins, so I killed the dpkg process.
> > After that I had to run "dpkg --configure -a" to tidy up after the kill,
> > then re-run "apt-get -f dist-upgrade", which proceeded to completion with
> > no further problems.
> Can you reproduce this problem ?  I've not heard of such a bug before;
> it seems likely that (eg) the xserver-common maintainer scripts might
> have been waiting for input.

Unlikely in the short term as I only had the one machine to upgrade.  I
did look at CPU-usage before killing dpkg and it was clocking up time
according to ps - I let it get up to 10 mins before killing it.

It may just be that I had a weird combination of packages - originally
hamm (clean install of workstation set of packages), but with a number
of packages from slink/potato eg wine, some of gnome.  If no-one else
runs into the problem this seems likely!  I don't, unfortunately, have
a detailed list of everything (packages and versions) installed before
I tried the upgrade.

Also, the upgrade was trouble-free apart from this one glitch, for which
I am very impressed!  Thanks to you all for your efforts.
If I can provide any more useful details, let me know.


Dr Kevin Scott
Philips Electronics UK Limited
Patents and Trade Marks Department   Tel: +44 1293 815281
Cross Oak Lane, Redhill              Fax: +44 1293 815060
Surrey  RH1 5HA, UK               E-mail: scottkj@prl.research.philips.com

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