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My CVS tree now online on va - but do not check in there !!

As you might guess by the mails with rsync output, I've arranged to
rsync my dpkg CVS tree to va.  (Apologies for the number of
slightly-odd messages.)  It's in /var/cvs/dpkg/dpkg-iwj.

If you have patches to dpkg to fix bugs not fixed in the NMU series,
and not intended to be fixed there, I'd appreciate it if you based
them on that CVS tree and mailed them to the BTS (to an appropriate
bug report, or creating a new one).

It's still not a good idea to make major changes to that tree and send
me diffs, because your changes and mine might overlap in the time it
took us both to make them.

Note that the current state of the dpkg-iwj tree is very close to
1.4.0; I have only so far got a small way through incorporating (my
own versions of) the NMU fixes.  So, if you look at it, be prepared
for some rather dusty code.

Note that noone should check anything into that tree.  It is
automatically rsync'd from my own system here, which is where I'm
doing all my work.  Any checkins to the va dpkg-iwj tree will be lost.


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