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Re: slave maintainer for day to day work

On Wed, Mar 03, 1999 at 06:08:47PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Thanks for the offer.  At the moment, I'm still getting up to speed,
> and I'm not sure if there's anything in particular that I could really
> do with help with code-wise.  I'm reviewing the NMU changes atm.

Great. I don't want to urge you, but there are these Architecture changes I
need for the Hurd... ;) [it is clear to me that you will need to go at your
own pace, and first things first, etc etc etc.]
> I'm using the BTS as a worklist, so help organising its contents would
> be welcome.  In particular, for non-bugs and other dross, it would be
> helpful if someone could contact the submitter and see if they agree
> to the bug being closed.
> I'd rather actually close these bugs myself, but it would save me a
> lot of effort if the BTS already had a record of a developer saying
> `this is not a bug, can we close it?' and the sumbitter failing to
> reply or saying `yes'.  Then I can just close the bug without further
> ado.

I will have a go at the bug reports. When working on libc6 bugs, I kept a
list of records, similar to the critical bug list by Wichert. I will do it
this time, too, for your convenience.


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