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Bug#10111: `broken pipe in .../methods/disk/setup'

Guy, are you still the bash maintainer ?  This bug report relates to:

line 8:  8531 Broken pipe             
 find "$mountpoint$2" -follow -name '*.deb' -print 2>/dev/null
      8532 Done                    | head -1
      8533 Done                    | grep . >/dev/null

I still think this is a bug in bash.  I've incorporated the workaround
from the NMU dpkg series into my tree, so it will stay, but the
workaround has undesirable side-effects so I'd like to get rid of it
some day.

Would you accept a patch to bash to fix the behaviour ?  Ie, to not
produce a message to stderr if a non-final process in a pipe dies with


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