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Bug#32595: remove obsolete and confusing acquisition methods: harddisk, mounted, cdrom, nfs

On 31 Jan 1999, Martin Mitchell wrote:
> 1) A m68k computer with a 60Mb debian installation. Normally I use the nfs
> method. Apt is just not feasible, it wants to copy everything over before
> it starts - there simply isn't space on the disk to do this. Also the
> runtime cost of starting dpkg on m68k is very high, so dselect is often
> much faster, rather than apt's invoking dpkg separately for many packages.
> (I am aware apt is more correct, however in practice so many invocations
> of dpkg are rarely necessary)

Hm.  I'm pretty sure the apt with a file:/ URL doesn't copy, it installs
straight from the remote.  Or is this not true?

> 2) A local mirror, hand constructed. No extra or useless packages in there.
> Apt doesn't construct or handle this type of arrangement well by default.
> The mounted method deals with this just fine.

What problems does apt give?  (I assume you're running dpkg-scanpackages
to build local packages file?)

Incidentally, I'm not claiming Martin's objections are foundless.  I'm
interested to see what limitations apt has (and then we can request them
as features).


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