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Bug#32318: dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage doesn't stop on errors

reassign 32318 dpkg-dev
retitle 32318 dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage doesn't stop on errors

John Goerzen reported:
> For instance:
> dh_installexamples
> cp: template.html: No such file or directory
> dh_installexamples: command returned error code
> make: *** [binary-indep] Error 1
>  signfile dailyupdate_6.01-1.dsc
> Pretty Good Privacy(tm) 2.6.3a - Public-key encryption for the masses.
> Even after make aborts with error, debuild goes on to try to sign things.

It's actually a bug in these lines of dpkg-buildpackage:

withecho debian/rules build
withecho $rootcommand debian/rules $binarytarget
if [ x$binaryonly = x ]; then
        $signsource "$pv.dsc"
withecho dpkg-genchanges "$@" >"$chg"

Nowhere are there any checks for whether the commands succeeded.



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