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dpkg binary 's link problem on the Hurd?


I can't write in English well. I'm sorry.
and my Vocabulary is very very shord.

I want to re-link dpkg object file with NOT /lib/libdpkg.so.0.0 BUT /usr/lib/libdpkg.so.0.0

ftp://alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus/gnu-19990104.tar.gz made by Marcus haves /usr -> .. symlink.

In my case I had used /usr -> .. symlink.

BUT, I remove /usr -> .. symlink at last night.
And I made /usr /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/doc /usr/share /usr/lib

And then, I move some files to defined-location written in deb file, looking at "dpkg -S doc | less"'s output by hands.
I also used "dpkg -S share | less", "dpkg -S bin | less", "dpkg -S sbin | less" "dpkg -S lib | less"
(I was crazy?!?!)
It took about 15 minutes?(I don't remember.)

after using "dpkg -S lib | less", I saw below message.

$ dpkg --force-architecture -i ....
dpkg: error in loading shared libraries: libdpkg.so.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

therefore, I made /lib/libdpkg.so.0.0 -> /usr/lib/libdpkg.so.0.0 symlink.

then dpkg cound work as I thinks.

$ dpkg -S libdpkg.so.0.0
dpkg: /usr/lib/libdpkg.so.0.0

Thanks for reading.

ldd at libc doesn't work well yet on the Hurd.
because of this ldd, I saw halted(down-ed)-Hurd 2th.

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