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Re: Source Dependencies, a real solution

> > Hi Ben,
> >    It's good to see work being done on this.  Have you taken into account
> > http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-devel-9901/msg00817.html
> > where Lars mentioned that we needed two different types of source depends?
> > I guess looking for *sources* themselves is more difficult than seeing if
> > a needed binary package is installed.
> Actually, I did. The idea seemed good, but the trade of for complicating
> the process didn't seem to be worth the extra functionality. Binary
> packages can be listed in the Source-Depends field as well. Maybe it would
> clarify the field's usage by calling it "Build-Depends" ?

I'd agree with the "Build-Depends" name.  Also, what if it just prints a
note whenever it reads a "Source-Depends".  Then if someone wants to add
the feature later on, the place is there and the specs have already been
defined.  I assume you are just printing a warning if a "Build-Depends"
isn't satisified.

If these are the kind of results we get from people running for office, we
should have elections more often :-)

Thanks Ben,

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