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Bug#30090: hot potato

Branden Robinson wrote:
> It's been brought to my attention that dpkg shouldn't be coredumping, no
> matter how stupid an error a package maintainer may have made.  So I'm
> tossing this hot (grave) potato into Ian's lap.
> This may or may not be related to the circular symlink madness, a bug I
> already filed against dpkg.

If saying "circular symlink madness" you refere to the fact that
segfault when dealing with circular symlinks (chains of symplinks
back to themself), then it is worth to have a look to bug#20426, in
I found the lines of glibc where the bug is.

I don't have a fix for it (it's a bug in the design of the function).
That function should be rewritten or patched adding a counter to stop 
following the symlinks.


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