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Bug#31656: apt/dpkg removes /usr/include

Package: apt
Version: 0.1.9

Package: dpkg

I am sorry that I do not have the exact error message since I did this
in an rxvt window and the text erased by some errors. The best way to
explain it is that I just install apt and it told me that libc6-dev
requires libc6 and it suggested an "apt-get install -f." I did what it
said and it downloading and installed libreadlineg2_2.1-11.dev and
ncurses3.4_1.9.9g-8.10.deb. It removed about four packages which I can't
remember the names of but I do know that it wiped out all the *.h files
in /usr/include. This same error happened once before and I was forced
to reinstall debian (hamm). I hope that this wasn't so vague that it
provides no insight into the error but it is the best I could do. I am
reluctant to say that it is even and error without being a developer but
I do know that I can no longer compile C apps and that windowmaker
50.1's configure app can no longer determine the system type.

I am using Debian 2.0 (hamm) with kernel version 2.0.34 with libc6

Jason Scott

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