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Proposed feature...

Hi, i'm not subscribed to this list, so i hope someone will approve
this post... ;)))

I'm thinking about a feature to add to debian package management
system, feature that i consider usefoul.

I manage my debian box, a fidonet BBS running also debian, and in the
near future a full-internet box (called Pasolini).
In BBS and Pasolini i've no critical data, no user files that have to
be backed up: only some ftp (nodelist and misc file), some web
(mirrored in at least 2 other place), some spool file that can be lost
with no pain.

So in this machines i do backup simply periodically tarring /etc,
/var/named, /var/spool/cron, /usr/local.

If a disk fault occured, i reinstall the distribution, tar back config
file and run.

But, how can i trace exactly the package installed?!
People in debian-italian say me to backup /var/lib/dpkg/status, right
But can i reinstall the exactly number and version of package from
status file?! debian-italian guys say me that i can build a perl-script
that extract package name from status and install it.

Ok, but this is not the best answer, because i don't know perl ;),
and because i think this is a usefoul feature, not so hard to implement.

Pratically such feature will get a status file, will search for package
in source media and reinstall it.

Usefoul goodies will be a warning print if package version mismatch (i
recompile often package, at least if* and procmail), jump configuration
steps (save time, and i've a tar of /etc in some safe place).

With this feature one can install a base debian system, feed the
old status file to dpkg/apt, reinstall package, untar the old
configuration file over the fresh-installed system, restore the web
contents. Et voila`.

Cool, eh?! ;-)

[i don't say this is a *good* backup policy, simply i say that in some
cases is a decent backup policy. or at least good to me! ;)]

Marco ``Gaio'' Gaiarin	 | Leandes di Pâs     (http://www.fvg.peacelink.it)
P.zza S. Tommaso, 20	 | Membro PLUTO		(http://www.pluto.linux.it)
Cimpello di Fiume Veneto | Universal Mind BBS  (modem/fax +39-0434-56-1305)
33080 Pordenone (Italia) |  2:333/1016   61:3917/1   1907:393/104   91:13/1
Tel.   +39-0434-95-9555  | http://users.iol.it/marcogaio/ gaio@dei.unipd.it

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