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Re: No configure file in dpkg on debian

(Random thought to maintainers - should the nondebbin go somewhere a
little more findable?  I know it gets built, but where does it end UP?)

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 04:06:42PM -0600, Alexis Denis wrote:
> Hi,
> I couldn't find a dpkg program for linuxppc which wasn't in the .deb
> form (how can I undeb it if I don't have dpkg). So I decided to compile
> it.

You can undeb it using ar and tar:
ar x dpkg_1.4.0.31_powerpc.deb data.tar.gz
tar xzf data.tar.gz

> I downloaded the tar ball of the source code for dpkg from debian.org
> but there is no
> configure file or any of the files that usually go with it and the
> INSTALL file says there should be one. Am I missing something here?

The configure is indeed not there.  Look in debian/rules for an example
of how to build it; it should go more or less like this:

debian/rules build


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