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Bug#28232: A bunch of X packages just vanished!

Package: dpkg
Severity: Important

  I hope this is a real bug and not something dumb I'm doing.

  I just downloaded the latest package file and discovered that a
number of packages--including xdm, xterm, and several other X
programs--were apparently updated.  The unusual thing is that they
magically vanished from the "installed" list and are listed as being
completely NEW packages.  The old packages seem to have migrated to
/dev/null (figuratively).  Am I safe to install these 'new' packages
without having junk files left behind from the older packages--and
(more importantly) why did this happen?  It seems to me like dpkg and
apt-get shouldn't allow packages to vanish in a puff of smoke like
that... (which is why I'm reporting it as related to dpkg).

  I'm also running the latest apt-get, could this be a bug in that?

  A large number of files are also correctly marked as being updated
  (libc6, libstdc++, eterm, ....)

  Daniel Burrows

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