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Bug#27705: Mysterious problems with dselect

Package: dpkg
Severity: normal

For several months  I have had a problem with dselect,  which I usually run
under screen.   Often, (about  one in two  times) after  having [I]nstalled
files, the dselect process stops, as if I had pressed ^Z.  Here is a screen

Setting up xfstt (0.9.9-7) ...
Installing new version of config file /etc/init.d/xfstt ...
Starting X TrueType Font Server: xfstt.

Setting up libhdf4g (4.1r2-4) ...

Press enter to continue.
[1]   Done                    remountusr rw

[2]+  Stopped                 dselect

Another very strange problem is that sometimes (about one in ten times),
after leaving dselect, the first characer entered is misteriously followed
by a CR.  For example, if I leave dselect and then enter "ls", the
resulting output from bash is:

$ l
bash: l: command not found
$ s

Or, alternatively, if I press <up arrow> as the first thing after leaving
dselect, the result is a quick error message that I don't see and a logout
from bash.

I don't know how to capture  those behaviours, and I have not reported them
until now because they  seemed so strange and erratic to me,  but now I see
they tend to happen regularly, if not always.

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