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Bug#26193: typo in dpkg --force-help

Package: dpkg

When I invoke dpkg --force-help it displays the following line:
  dowgrade [*]           Replace a package with a lower version

which is as far as I can tell a typo. When I rung dpkg --force-dowgrade it
shows the following:

tomorrow:~# dpkg -i --force-dowgrade vim_5.0-0.2.deb
dpkg: unknown force/refuse option `dowgrade'

Type dpkg --help for help about installing and deinstalling packages [*];
Use dselect for user-friendly package management;
Type dpkg -Dhelp for a list of dpkg debug flag values;
Type dpkg --force-help for a list of forcing options;
Type dpkg-deb --help for help about manipulating *.deb files;
Type dpkg --licence for copyright licence and lack of warranty (GNU GPL)

Options marked [*] produce a lot of output - pipe it through `less' or
`more' !

However, when using --force-downgrade the downgrade was performed
correctly. I guess all that needs to be done is the change "dowgrade" to

I am using Debian 2.0, kernel version 2.0.33.

Thanks for your time,

Alan Liu

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