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Bug#26024: dpkg-dev: [patch] files to ignore diffs of...

    Manoj> 	I think that dpkg should not unilaterally ignore any
    Manoj>  files. And this problem is already solved, by using
    Manoj>  something like cvs-buildpackage. I think that any
    Manoj>  interactions with version control systems etc should be
    Manoj>  layered modularily on top of dpkg; and not integrated with
    Manoj>  it.

 What if I make it an option switch then, off by default, then a
 switch to turn it on with a default regex, or with a given regex?
 Give the word and I'll have a patch for you in a few hours.

 The thing is, `cvs-buildpackage' works from a repository where I can
 check in the debian/* files and make tags at will.  It won't work
 where I'm tracking upstream sources via anon CVS.

 In order to generate the .orig.diff.gz, I have to check out a
 pristine copy (aside from the directory I work in), then tar that up
 for `dpkg-buildpackage', which calls on `dpkg-source'.  When
 `dpkg-source' creates the .diff.gz file, it always includes full
 diffs of the Entries files in the CVS/ directories, since the two CVS
 checkouts/updates are made at different times, and the timestamps are
 all different.

 The alternative was to tar up the CVS/ directories, then find rm
 them, create the package, then untar the CVS directories again.  I
 thought a switch would be more generally useful, since it can be made
 to also ignore arbitrary files that a maintainer doesn't want to go
 into the diff, that are not in the upstream tarfile, such as
 debian/RCS/*,v files, or debian/BUGS-TODO/* type things.

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