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Where is dpkg programmers manual?

Hi there,

I have been looking for the above in my new Debian 2.0 CDs and cannot find
it. Also there seems to be conflicting information about it and the Policy
manual. There follows some information followed by a couple of questions. I
would be very grateful if you could find the time to reply.

After stripping tags, it says in /usr/doc/debian/FAQ/debian-faq-12.html:

     The dpkg programmer's manual is the primary documentation on the
     technical aspects of creating Debian binary and source packages. The
     Debian policy manual documents the policy requirements for a package
     to be included in Debian. These documents are also included in the
     latest dpkg-dev package.

The dpkg-dev information in Packages.gz on the CD has similar information.

Unfortunately, I've found neither manual in dpkg-dev. In my distribution, a
package called debian-policy houses the Debian policy manual but, so far, I
have been unable to find the dpkg programmers manual. The debian-faq gives a
URL for it but would have expected it to be on at least one of the CDs.

1. Does this information suggest that I have a duff distribution?

2. If not, where do I find the dpkg programmers manual?


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