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Re: Bug#25496: ldso: debian/control with altdev entry for systems without libc5 (powerpc)

> > > 2. append debhelper with extra command script called dh_libcompat; parameter
> > >    for dh_libcompat are the `oldlibs`, in this case libdl1-altdev
> > 
> > I don't understand how this will help.  The error is coming from
> > dpkg-genchanges.

Right! My intention was that one script will do it without changing much

> Exactly.  Can anyone justify why the changes file should care if more
> packages were listed in control than in debian/files?
> > > The problem for generating the changes file for powerpc without libc5 libs
> > > affects not only your ldso package, also many lib-packages; so i think
> > > the debhelper is the better choice.
> In fact, it prevents a building of changes files for xfree86!  I see no
> reason to use debhelper to hack around a problem in dpkg.  Let's fix
> dpkg-genchanges - I commented out that error, personally.

But then we lost one checking if all packages are correct available -- if
a package generates more then one binary-package. 

In life, we sort unwanted things out and doesn't ignore the things. 

If i see it right, all binaries for libc5 have the [libc5] term in
the description  -- greping it and remove the entry from the control
file ?????



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