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Bug#25462: dpkg: won't run a maintainer script using /bin/true

Package: dpkg
Severity: normal

I'm sure I tested the prerm scripts of my zcode game packages (which are
all as shown at the start of the transcript below) before releasing them,
and they worked fine then.  AFAICT, dpkg must have changed since then,
to have this effect:

merry$ cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/gsn-jigsaw.prerm 
merry$ /var/lib/dpkg/info/gsn-jigsaw.prerm remove
merry$ echo $?
merry$ sudo dpkg -r gsn-jigsaw
(Reading database ... 16863 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing gsn-jigsaw ...
dpkg (subprocess): unable to execute pre-removal script: Exec format error
dpkg: error processing gsn-jigsaw (--remove):
 subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 2
Update-menus: waiting for dpkg to finish (forking to background)
Update-menus: (checking /var/lib/dpkg/lock)
Errors were encountered while processing:

I would be extremely surprised if there was some general problem with
using /bin/true as a script interpreter for null scripts... especially
since the script works when I execute it by hand.

(What's ironic is that I added these null prerm scripts to enable
upgrading smoothly from a previous buggy situation where the old game
packages' prerm scripts needed a support package installed which the
game packages only depended on indirectly...)

Charles Briscoe-Smith
White pages entry, with PGP key: <URL:http://alethea.ukc.ac.uk/wp?95cpb4>
PGP public keyprint: 74 68 AB 2E 1C 60 22 94  B8 21 2D 01 DE 66 13 E2

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