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Bug#25317: dpkg segfaults reproducibly

Chris Fearnley writes ("Bug#25317: dpkg segfaults reproducibly"):
> On most of my machines I have had dpkg segfault during my (convoluted?)
> upgrade script.  Finally I have the presence of mind to report this
> situation.  It only happens in the devel directory.  And the problem went
> away after I upgraded gcc and libc6-dev (ncurses3.4-dev was the only other
> package needing to be upgraded from devel).  I'm saving the core file in
> case you want it.  Here is a transcript:

Thanks.  Yes, I would like the coredump, please.  Either gzip and mail
it to me at ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk, or put it up for anon-ftp or
www or in your home directory on master.


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