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Re: Bug#23902: bug #23902: debian beta 2.0 dpkg dumps core

On Sat, 27 Jun 1998, Igor Grobman wrote:
> I had a similar experience today: dpkg --configure --pending failed with this:
> dpkg: unable to fill /var/lib/dpkg/updates/tmp.i with padding: file too large.
> After a couple of retries the message went away, strangely enough, and 
> --configure --pending started working.  I don't like dpkg doing this in an 
> official release, so I am upgrading this to "grave"
> BTW, this caused apt to segfault.

Are you certain it was APT? I've had a few reports of dpkg segfaulting and
people thinking it was APT - I think it's most unlikely for APT to
segfault at that point, it is simply waitpid(3) for dpkg. How large was
the core file? APT tends to be around 800k-1M

I think dpkg has some problems with the updates directory, I've noticed a
few people who have files left over from some situations and other very
screwy things.


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