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dpkg bug 10363


I am a debian user not developer.  I saw a reference to this bug
in the debian web mail archives.  The bug report was dated 6/97.
I believe this refers to the same 4/97 Info Magick set I purchased.
For whatever reason, in addition to ~100 missing symbolic links,
there were 7 files totally missing.  One was the xlib deb package.
Using the packages file on the cd, I constructed a subtree on my disk
with symbolic links having the pathnames in the packages file and
linked to either the real file on the cd or for the missing 7 on
my disk.  Using this, debian 1.2 installed fine.  I think dpkg can
be forgiven not successfully installing a non existant file.

This is sent in hopes that it helps you close this bug.

I like your work!

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