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Re: dpkg speed (was: Re: PROPOSAL: Extrafiles)

On Thu, Jun 04, 1998 at 01:44:05PM -0400, Christian Hudon wrote:
> On Thursday, June 04, Jukka Neppius wrote
> > 
> > How fast does it have to be?  I made a test program to read
> > /var/lib/dpkg/available.  (1181637 bytes, 1882 packages)
> [snip]
> If I understand correctly, the thing that slows down dpkg's startup the
> most is reading those bazillion .list files. 'available' alone probably
> isn't a very representative test.

According to Ian Jackson yesterday or the day before, dpkg
spends most of its time reading and managing all the description
for the packages.  He also admitted that this could be improved
in speed... to be done by... you?  Go ahead, send a patch, please.



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