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On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I see from /var/cvs/dpkg/CVSROOT/passwd on va that cespedes has what I
> assume is checkin access.  Juan, is that true ?  Michael, did you add

I added him, as he looked like he could actually make use of it knew
nobody else had/was using it. You (klee, mda and iwj) should decide who
you want in the list and get mda to set it as such since you are going to
be using the server.

Juan: Sorry for any confusion.

Right now mda+root are the only people who can change the password file,
but I plan on adding a dpkgcvs group that you will be a part of, and
likely will end up making the passwd file group writeable if that is what
you want.


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