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Re: Skeleton maintainer scripts (revised)

apharris@burrito.onshore.com (Adam P. Harris) writes:

> Oh, one other issue.  What is the status of Juan's most recent updates
> to dpkg?  Are they "blessed" by this group?  Clearly, someone should
> take care of import/commit/tagging his files into CVS if so.

I haven't looked at them yet.  I haven't committed anything yet
(though I've got lots of local modifications), and I see that Mike
Dorman hasn't either.

I'll check out another version and commit Mike vS's changes.  His
looked good.  I glanced over the changelog of Juan's changes, but I
haven't looked at the code yet.

Mike D, you were going to clean up the build and remove the
packaging-manual?  Did you get anything done there?

Also, Klee made a lot of changes before he dropped off the earth.  I
still have his latest copy and have incorporated some of his changes.
A lot of stuff is internationalism support.  I need to finish looking
over stuff so I understand it :)

Damn, I wish there were more hours in the day.


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