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Bug#990462: Bug#990319: unblock: intel-microcode/3.20210608.2

Hi Justin,

On 08-07-2021 07:20, Justin B Rye wrote:
>> (https://github.com/intel/Intel-Linux-Processor-Microcode-Data-Files/issues/56)
>> and some for Skylake R0/D0 CPUs on systems using a very outdated
>       ^^^^
> Typo for "so"?

Yes, but I think "for some".

>> If you held back the update from DSA-4934-1 due to any of these two
>                                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> "Either of these issues"
>> issues or do not have the security archive enabled, be aware that
>> upgrading to the intel-firwmare package in bullseye may cause your
>                          ^^^^^^^^
> As above.
>> system to hang on boot or break iwlwifi. In that case, you can recover by
>> disabling microcode loading on boot (as documented in README.Debian,
>> also available online at
>> https://salsa.debian.org/hmh/intel-microcode/-/blob/master/debian/README.Debian)
> We could replace this with "See the instructions in the DSA (also in
> the intel-microcode README.Debian)".  Mind you, it would be nice if
> that README started with "TLDR: boot with dis_ucode_ldr"!

To get this straight, you only propose to replace the piece between
brackets (inclusive) with that right? I think it's worth saying "you can


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