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Bug#990462: Bug#990319: unblock: intel-microcode/3.20210608.2

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Hi Sebastian

On 29-06-2021 22:41, Sebastian Ramacher wrote:
>> Please note that the current plans are that a Debian 10 (buster)
>> security update, intel-microcode/3.20210608.2~deb10u1, will be delivered
>> to Debian stable in the next couple days through debian-security, in
>> which case the version currently in Debian 11 "bullseye" would be
>> *OLDER* than what would be available in buster-security and unstable.
>> Also, please be warned that this update has the potential to cause
>> regressions when compared to the previous version of the intel-microcode
>> package.  But do read the text below for the full rationale.
> The regression potential seems worth adding to the release notes.
> Cloning and reassigning accordingly.

I may be missing something, or your intentions, but if I understand
correctly, users that upgrade to bullseye will already have had the
regression and as such the release notes will not help them to prepare
for the upgrade. Hence, if this needs further documenting, I think we
should look for better places.


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