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mentoring for documentation

I am willing to help improving the Debian documentation. I feel that existing descriptions are many times too technical and by this not well inviting beginners to join the Debian community. I believe that assisting people seeking help could more target also lower entry level Linux and Debian users. I am considering to help improving the documentation in this sense.

Question #1: Is there any mentoring available for learning how to technically contribute with ideas or text snippets to the Debian documentation? Why am I asking this? I have had some first contact with the versioning system GIT and would know how to accomplish the basic tasks to place a pull request. Some 20 years ago I also knew how to code a simple HTML page with its HTML tags and guess that I should be able to learn how information has to be prepared for the inclusion in a modern web page. However, my basic GIT skills and my very basic HTML knowledge not covering CSS and alike modern techniques, both might not be enough knowledge for avoiding to disturb the workflow of the fluent contributors. Receiving some mentoring could help to reduce dissonance.

Question #2: Is there a mentoring in the sense of a quality assurance in place which could approve my contributed snippets for correctness? Why am I asking this? Willing to especially help where technical descriptions could benefit by also presenting some paragraphs targeting the lower experienced audience, I would try my best to prepare text snippets written from the point of view of a novice. But of course only the real experts, what I am not, could decide if these snippets are still rendering the treated topic correctly. I would imagine that the discussion of a pull request will serve as the quality assurance, but maybe Debian has other established channels for this.

Question #3: Is there a group of people working on the consolidation of the present documentation, and how could I join that group? Why am I asking this? Before I could contribute with text snippets I am still struggling with the documentation being dispersed at different mayor locations:
Even as a simple user, not about contributing to the project, I never know where to best search for the really up to date information, and common search engines usually link me to obsolete pages which are not clearly marked as obsolete pages. Maybe my efforts to help could first better serve to consolidate information at one place, or to more clearly present which class of information is supposed to be found at which location, or to first help marking better the obsolete documentation.

Question #4: Is my post here on the debian-doc mailing list the correct place to get my first three questions addressed to the relevant community members, or shall I better post this on the debian-www list? Why am I asking this? Well, this is highly related to question #3, I still feel a little bit lost in unerringly locating on the various and disperse and many Debian pages the answer for this question #4.

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