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Re: New VA-API default driver for Intel GPUs in no x86 release note

Hi Yosuke,

On 20-06-2021 17:24, Yosuke Otsuki wrote:
> |I noticed 'New VA-API default driver for Intel GPUs' appears on non-x86
> release note.|
> Is this intended ?  i.e like arm(CPU) + intel(GPU) configuration.

Thanks for bringing this up. I wasn't aware that this was arch specific.

> As far as I checked buster's release note, arch specific topics are
> described only on the related arch's note.
> For example, 's390 ISA raised to z196' was only on s390's release note.
> I tracked the archive from the lastest to 2020 Aug, but couldn't find
> the discussion, sorry if it was discussed.

It came up here:

I've just confirmed, it's amd64 and i386 specific and the next build of
the release notes should reflect that.


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