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Re: release notes mentioning dropped support?

Hi Kernel team,

I know everybody is busy, but friendly ping.

On 24-05-2021 06:55, Paul Gevers wrote:
> I happen to own a QNAP (armel) and I spotted in the changelog that it's
> not going to be supported in bullseye. I was wondering, is that
> something that should be mentioned in the release notes? Obviously I
> don't mean because I own it, but I'm betting that support for particular
> hardware pieces has been dropped in the past too. I don't recall
> something like that in the buster release notes, but even if we didn't
> do it in the past, now could be a good moment to start if we think we
> should add it.
> Either way, I was wondering what would happen if I try to upgrade such a
> device. I'm *assuming* that the linux package would detect that the
> image is too big, but what would that leave me? A fully upgraded system
> with an old kernel, or is there any detection before any upgrade
> happens? For owners of such devices, is their only option to stay at
> buster? E.g. is there any chance in building a smaller custom kernel
> with less options enabled or is that impossible because nearly
> everything is build as module?


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