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Bug#985470: Bug#985463: debian-installer: kernel complains about /boot partition in LVM install (ext2 filesystem being mounted at /boot supports timestamps until 2038)

On Thu, 2021-03-18 at 20:33 +0100, Paul Gevers wrote:
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> Hi Ben,
> On Thu, 18 Mar 2021 19:51:47 +0100 Ben Hutchings
> <ben@decadent.org.uk>
> wrote:
> > > The same problem exists in the Debian buster installer and will
> > > show
> > > up when buster systems are upgraded to a 5.10 kernel.
> > 
> > Since we don't have a specific upgrade program, I think the best we
> > can
> > do about this is to document it in the release notes.
> I guess we can only warn about the warning and say that ... what
> exactly? I don't think you're suggesting we should now go figure out
> what to advise to update the used /boot partition?

I was thinking that we could refer to documentation for how to upgrade
it in-place.  Now I realise that won't help: the inodes will still be
128 bytes in size, which is not large enough to support extended

The obvious alternative would be to move the contents of /boot onto the
root filesystem and stop using the separate /boot partition altogether.
But this is a relatively complex process where a mistake can easily
leave the system unbootable.  I'm also unsure whether LUKS support in
GRUB is properly integrated in Debian.  So you're probably right that
the release notes shouldn't tell people to do that.


Ben Hutchings
73.46% of all statistics are made up.

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