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Bug#977477: release-notes: Update apt upgrade guidance (Was: Re: Bug#977477: apt: Adding progression indication to apt-get output)

Paul Gevers, le mar. 16 mars 2021 22:08:51 +0100, a ecrit:
> <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
> > So we'd rather make release-notes document using apt instead of
> > apt-get? I'm fine with that but we *ALSO* need to make sure that debian
> > developers actually *test* that path, and not the apt-get path.
> Already the buster release notes talk about using apt instead of apt-get

Mmm, actually no, it tells to use "apt-get upgrade"


Possibly this should be turned to 

"apt upgrade --without-new-pkgs"


Otherwise people will continue replacing apt-get with apt in "apt-get
upgrade" without knowing that they are really different, and get
upgrading bugs that maintainers that use "apt-get upgrade" (expectedly)
do not get.

> and even has a note about the difference [1]. I'm not aware (but I don't
> follow user facing help channels) that this has lead to problems that
> would have been prevented with sticking to apt-get.

I did see some users getting upgrading issues when running
"apt upgrade", while "apt-get upgrade" first would have solved them.


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