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Re: Book about packaging

Thanks Mechtilde for your contribution to the Debian community :)

I would like to e-introduce you to both Ondřej & Raphaël. They are interested in Debian packaging. They contributed lots of packages. So your contributed "Debian Package Book" might be of interest to them. I copied them on this email.

If you do not already know Ondřej & Raphaël, their contact information is below. I'm assuming you know Raphaël as he is listed in the "literatur" author section of your book

Ondřej Surý

Raphaël Hertzog


Francois Carpentier (Francewhoa)

On 2020-09-15 12:47 a.m., Mechtilde Stehmann wrote:
Hello Holger,

Am 14.09.20 um 22:06 schrieb Holger Wansing:

Mechtilde Stehmann <mechtilde@debian.org> wrote:

for all who kinow about the book about packaging. I told about it in a
Lightning talk at Debconf 20. Tthis is available under


You can clone it from there.

Now it is prepared for translation. I published it as *.po files from
the *.tex file. The first language I prepared is en_US.

If someone wants to start with a different language, give me a hint.
We should say, that this book was originally written in German, right? 
So currently available languages are German + English.
Yes the book is written in German. I prepared the files to a possible
translation to English.

Kind regards

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