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Dear Release Notes,

I am getting ready to upgrade from stretch (amd64) to buster (amd64). I have worked through the entire release-notes document https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/release-notes/index.en.html, and I find about 5 documentation errors.

Some of these are trivial, but some relate to suggested commands that do not work as written in the document (my stretch system is regularly updated). Some of these relate to actions that should be done before starting the upgrade, so I am intending to file bug reports on all the errors I have found.

I know that you do not want multiple bug reports covering different topics or packages, but since these are all release-notes related, should I include them in just one report?

I will wait till these issues are resolved before starting the upgrade.

Many thanks for your detailed release notes - I do appreciate the work that goes into these.


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