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Bug#947737: buster: please document the rpcbind NEWS on enabling remote calls in the Release Notes

Package: release-notes
Severity: normal

After the upgrade from stretch to buster on a NIS server it was no
longer possible to log into NIS client machines. While the buster
release notes warn that this can be caused by a change in ypbind, it
turned out that rpcinfo can also cause this. However, this is only
mentioned in rpcbind's NEWS and not in the release notes.

It would be nice if the buster release notes mentioned this as well. I
have prepared a proposed change in a merge request on salsa:


 - Is it still possible to add such changes to the release notes for
   point releases, or should this information go somewhere else?

 - The new '-r' option is only available since the second point release
   (10.2). Should this be mentioned?

 - The proposed release notes change mentions that this option is
   debian-specific. Is this something that should be mentioned or

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