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Bug#945960: removal of src:lilo from bullseye

Package: release-notes
Tags: bullseye

Hi Joachim,

On 30-11-2019 11:26, Joachim Wiedorn wrote:
> But then the only solution is making a transitional package "lilo" which
> have dependency to grub2, which will install grub2 and remove the binaries
> of lilo. This can entail many risks. Because of many different system
> structures it could be, that at the end there is no functioning booting on
> this system ... 

It's this last comment that I was expecting to hear from you. Thanks for
confirming. Then indeed, I think mentioning it in the release-notes is
the best solution for users of lilo.

Regarding the time-line, I suggest to get lilo removed well before the
transition freeze, so that it is well gone during the full period of the
bullseye freeze.


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