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Re: Bug#871105: Status of debian-faq

Hi again Tobias,

On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 09:53:30AM +0100, Joost van Baal-Ilić wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 11:57:03PM +0100, Dr. Tobias Quathamer wrote:
> > Am 17.11.2018 um 09:04 schrieb Joost van Baal-Ilić:
> > > I plan to work on the Debian FAQ at
> > > https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2019/01/nl/Venlo .

That'll happen 3 days from now.

> > > However, IIRC currently
> > > the FAQ is next to ready for upload.  I will likely _not_ work on it
> > > before the BSP.  So: any action from your side is very welcome now.
> > 
> > great to hear, thanks! I did go ahead and fixed another (not reported)
> > FTBFS bug in the package, due to the switch of Chinese from sgml
> > translations to po4a translations.
> > 
> > I also did some minor cleanups and then prepared a new release. I hope I
> > did not mess up, but I thought that fixing the FTBFS bugs now would be a
> > good idea, because the freeze is not too far away.
> Just had a very quick look at your work, it looks good, thanks.
> > > One big issue we'd need to fix is: https://bugs.debian.org/612993 :
> > > convert from SGML to DocBook XML.  As I wrote there, that can wait till
> > > after upload.  But _not_ till the buster freeze, I'd say...
> > 
> > Well, that's probably quite a bit of work. If you don't mind, I could
> > look after some of the easier to fix bugs in the Debian BTS and try to
> > close them before the conversion.
> Sure, go ahead.  An upload by you would be appreciated too.  :)

Saw you've uploaded "byhand: 9.0" on november 17, great!  Upload is now
displayed at https://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html.

I'll keep an eye on the progress of the NEW queue handling and plan to work on
the SGML-XML conversion.

I feel we should try to get your 9.0 in Buster, if not a newer XML-ized upload.



PS/note to self: Upload commit at

If we want to have an XMLized FAQ in Buster, we likely should do that work and
upload before the Soft-freeze at february 12th.

(* 2019-01-12 - Transition freeze (day after tomorrow)
 * 2019-02-12 - Soft-freeze
 * 2019-03-12 - Full-freeze
https://release.debian.org/buster/freeze_policy.html )

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