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Re: debian-history package preparation in progress

Quoting Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org>:
These also need to be moved to DocBook XML and drop using

project-history itself also need to upload a new package with the salsa
repository URL.

So far, I have completed to migrate debian-history to XML+po4a for all
languages.  (Yes, Korean and Spanish conversion is done.) Now PDF is
build for all languages.

I need to clean up packaging code to more modern style before its
upload.  So give me some time.

Thanks, this is very much appreciated!


PS: All Debian documentation should be packaged. Last week, at a local
XMPP meetup, somebody explained to me, how they held an IT workshop in
a rural area without any internet connection. Thanks to the "Debian
way" they could make a mirror from DVDs, install machines from that
and even have most documentation. Unfortunately, some upstreams have
help systems, that depend on accessing their websites. But at least
for our own documentation, we can have everything packaged.

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