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DR has moved to salsa


Debian Reference has moved to salsa.debian.org service.

  (See page here for more info.)

Also, a new package is uploaded with systemd init info:


It should show up in a day or so:

I will package if any translations are updated to this new one.

Please note people contributing via weblate needs to talk to whoever
coordinating to set it up properly with salsa.  I don't have access to

I see new translations:

 id -- keep it up.  Looks OK but needs more work.
 nb -- I see translation needs to be tested before committing.
       Bad shape. Please read https://salsa.debian.org/debian/debian-reference

If you are capable technically and wish to have commit access to salsa
git repository for debian-reference, please ask it with your guest
account and rationale and proof-of-your-previous-work to me or any DD.


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