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Re: [Ddp-commits] r11675 - in /manuals/trunk/release-notes: en/old-stuff.dbk sk/about.po sk/installing.po sk/issues.po sk/moreinfo.po sk/old-stuff.po sk/release-notes.po sk/upgrading.po sk/whats-new.po

Dear Ivan,

It appears that your Slovak translation updated pushed in also a
change in an English file (old-stuff.dbk) as shown below.

Please do *not* do change the original English files with a
translation update, specially not during a string freeze. This change
has effectively made 1 paragraph "fuzzy" in 9 translations of the
Release Notes that were 100% translated already (es, fr, it, ja, nl,
pl, pt, ru, sv).

This type of minor, cosmetic, changes, should *not* be done during a
string freeze. However, should somebody do this, it is expected that
at least they take the time required to manually unfuzzy PO files
which are already up to date!

I have done this now for 11 translated po files, following your
changes. This includes also the Slovak translated PO file, as it looks
like you "fixed this" first in the translated PO file before changing
the English original.

>From translator to translator: mistakes sometimes can happen, but
please take note and be careful in the future. Changes in the original
English files should never be pushed as part of a translation update.

Best regards


On 16 June 2017 at 15:30,  <helix84-guest@users.alioth.debian.org> wrote:
> Author: helix84-guest
> Date: Fri Jun 16 13:30:52 2017
> New Revision: 11675
> URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/ddp/?sc=1&rev=11675
> Log:
> [INTL:sk] Slovak translation update
> Modified:
>     manuals/trunk/release-notes/en/old-stuff.dbk
> Modified: manuals/trunk/release-notes/en/old-stuff.dbk
> URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/ddp/manuals/trunk/release-notes/en/old-stuff.dbk?rev=11675&op=diff
> ==============================================================================
> --- manuals/trunk/release-notes/en/old-stuff.dbk        (original)
> +++ manuals/trunk/release-notes/en/old-stuff.dbk        Fri Jun 16 13:30:52 2017
> @@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
>  refer to <quote><literal>stable</literal></quote>, it effectively
>  points to &releasename; already. This might not be what you want if
>  you are not ready yet for the upgrade.  If you have already run
> -<literal>apt-get update</literal>, you can still get back without
> +<command>apt-get update</command>, you can still get back without
>  problems by following the procedure below.
>  </para>

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