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Bug#862216: release-notes: [Stretch] improve text about iproute2 and net-tools

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Dixit Andreas Henriksson, le 09/05/2017 :

>I recently ran across the stretch release notes draft and particularly
>"5.3.9. iproute2 will replace net-tools".
>I'm not sure I should write these texts but here's an attempt at
>providing an alternative description.
I used your words in this new patch.

>Please note that the 'iw' command (as suggested for iwconfig
>replacement) is not from the iproute2 toolset, but rather from it's own
>package 'iw'!

>Similar for the ifrename command, which I wonder if it shouldn't be
>considered a legacy command instead of a replacement for anything.
>Modern interface naming tools more high level than 'ip link' would
>likely be systemd-networkd these days.
Removed too.

>Hope this helps.
Yes, thanks.

>Also feel free to reach out to iproute2@packages.debian.org
>for any advice related to the package and its usage.
Keeping in Cc if someone wants to comment. I intend to commit in few
days if noone disagree.

Index: en/issues.dbk
--- en/issues.dbk	(révision 11490)
+++ en/issues.dbk	(copie de travail)
@@ -739,16 +739,18 @@
   <section id="iproute2">
-  <title>iproute2 will replace net-tools</title>
+  <title>net-tools will be deprecated in favor of iproute2</title>
-      The <systemitem role="package">net-tools</systemitem> package's
-      priority has been changed from important to optional, while
-      <systemitem role="package">iproute2</systemitem> has been
-      upgraded to important.
-      New installations will have <systemitem role="package">iproute2</systemitem>
-      installed by default, while systems upgraded from Jessie should consider migrating
-      from <systemitem role="package">net-tools</systemitem> to
-      <systemitem role="package">iproute2</systemitem>.
+      The <systemitem role="package">net-tools</systemitem> package
+      is no longer part of new installations by default,
+      since it's priority has been lowered from important to optional.
+      Users are instead advised to use the modern
+      <systemitem role="package">iproute2</systemitem> toolset
+      (which has been part of new installs for several releases already).
+      If you still prefer to continue using the
+      <systemitem role="package">net-tools</systemitem>
+      programs you can simply install it via
+      <screen>apt install net-tools</screen>
       Here is a summary of the net-tools commands, together with
@@ -778,16 +780,12 @@
           <entry>ip tunnel</entry>
-          <entry>iwconfig</entry>
-          <entry>iw</entry>
-        </row>
-        <row>
-          <entry>ip link, ifrename</entry>
+          <entry>ip link</entry>
-          <entry>ss, ip route (for netstat-r), ip -s link (for netstat -i), ip maddr (for netstat-g)</entry>
+          <entry>ss, ip route (for netstat-r), ip -s link (for netstat -i), ip maddr (for netstat -g)</entry>

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