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Bug#860970: [debian-mysql] FWD [Re: Bug#860970: release-notes: MariaDB vs MySQL section 2.2.3 needs clarifying on how to perform the upgrade]

Hi all,

On 28-04-17 21:35, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> Please don't update the release notes like this. The upgrade has been
> designed to work correctly by simply running 'apt-get update' and
> 'apt-get dist-upgrade' until these and all other packages on the
> system have been updated. This has been tested countless times.
> Unfortunately Paul had a different experience on his NAS box when
> upgrading it, but that case is not the usual case and should not be
> the motivation to make new general recommendations.

I did *not* run 'apt-get update'/'apt-get dist-upgrade', but I ran 'apt
dist-upgrade' directly. I must admit that I remembered the meaning of
section 4.4.4 wrong. To avoid removing packages, it is indeed
recommended to do the two step.

Otto, are you now saying that without any action, mysql-server-5.x will
be upgraded to mariadb-server-10.1? If that is true, could that be made
more explicit in the text? If that isn't true, can it be made more
explicit when the system administrator is supposed to install
default-mysql-server during upgrades (that is what I tried to accomplish
in my "improvement")?

Maybe just mention that without update before dist-upgrade things go
wrong. That would already make my experience worth while.


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