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Bug#861161: release-notes: Document new apt/mirror features including SRV, by-hash and deb.d.o

Package: release-notes
Severity: normal

In stretch, apt and the mirror network have a few new features that offer
a great improvement in robustness for the end user. It would be good to
document these in the Release Notes for stretch; they are achievements to

apt learns about SRV records: apt will use SRV records for HTTP connections
so that it can be pointed at an appropriate server via DNS.

deb.debian.org: more than a redirector like httpredir.d.o, apt uses SRV
records to contact a CDN to obtain package data.

by-hash on the mirrors: the mirrors now include the current indexes (Packages,
Sources, Contents, etc) under their previous names but also in files where the
filename is a hash of the content of that index and the hash is also referenced
in the Release file as part of the apt-secure(8) chain. This allows apt to
obtain the index files that are referred to by the Release file and should
thus prevent hashsum mismatch errors for users with poorly maintained
mirrors in their sources.list.

(the above text isn't intended to be suitable for the release notes but
hopefully a useful starting point for a patch)

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