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Bug#855656: release-notes: update on mysql/mariadb for stretch


Le 21/02/2017 01:09, Vincent McIntyre a écrit :

this is a start on the notes needed regarding mysql/mariadb.
Comments welcome.
Thanks for the patch. Here are some comments:

       <row id="new-mysql">
-	<entry>5.6</entry>
+	<entry>-</entry>
Maybe we could remove the entire line instead.
Or mark the second column with <entry>removed</entry>.

+ Installing the metapackage XX will pull in YY
s/will pull in/will install/ ?

+ The <systemitem role="package">virtual-mysql-*</systemitem> packages
+    will continue to exist.
I don't find any package named like this. Could you explain, please ?

+ See the <ulink url="http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/MySQL";>Debian MySQL Team
+    wiki page</ulink>

+    software availble in Debian.
typo : available


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