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Bug#827436: release-notes: update & comment out new architectures section for stretch

Package: release-notes
Severity: wishlist

Please update & comment out the new architectures section for stretch:


This is the suggested commit message:

Update and comment out the new architectures section

The version number there is incorrect.

There are no new architectures in stretch.

Reported-by: Marko Tikvić <markotikvic@gmail.com>
Reported-in: <CA+VKsiz6kFXb+pDTwchudQZwYXGTVA25yYL4S_uR8PgXnOTPfg@mail.gmail.com>

Index: en/whats-new.dbk
--- en/whats-new.dbk	(revision 11212)
+++ en/whats-new.dbk	(working copy)
@@ -21,21 +21,17 @@
 <title>Supported architectures</title>
-  Debian 8 introduces two new architectures:
+  Debian &release; introduces ? new architectures:
-      arm64, 64-bit port for ARM machines.
-  <listitem>
-    <para>
-      ppc64el, 64-bit little-endian port for POWER machines.
-    </para>
-  </listitem>
 The following are the officially supported architectures for &debian;




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