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Debian GNU/Linux refcard partially obsolete

Hi, while I was looking at the Debian GNU/Linux refcards, I've noticed a (minor) problem. I am currently running a Debian stretch/sid and the package debian-refcard version is 5.0.9. Since I didn't know who to send the finding to and as you're listed as the Debian package maintainers, here it is: in the file /usr/share/doc/debian-refcard/refcard-fr-a4.pdf.gz (it is a French version, but it does concern the English one as well i.e. /usr/share/doc/debian-refcard/refcard-en-a4.pdf.gz), the way to start/stop daemons is referencing the scripts in /etc/init.d whereas Debian has «switched to» systemd so the new way of doing things is rather something like systemctl cmd service with cmd ∈ {start, stop, status, kill, … }. or systemcl [suspend|poweroff|reboot]

Best regards,

Raphaël Bazaud

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