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Re: Bug#787759: Problems with building release-notes PDF for Russian

Hi Lev,

thanks, yes, as I suspected ...

On Mon, 15 Jun 2015, Lev Lamberov wrote:
> My last log was for English. Here you can find log for Russian.

Ok, your fontconfig returns other fonts then mine. Sometimes
the TL fonts, sometimes the GS fonts.

When getting the TL fonts, the output is broken, when getting the
GS fonts, the output is fine, or at least there are cyrillic characters.
But since the tfm fonts do not provide metric data for cyrillic fonts,
this also breaks badly.

There is nothing I can do to influence this. Sorry about this.

We need to live with this until the gsfonts have found their way
into TL, nothing to be done here.

Please consider using different, unique, fonts for now for the
cyrillic release notes.



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