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Bug#775944: Please, document changes between Apache 2.2 and 2.4

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On 2015-01-21 20:21, David Prévot wrote:
> Package: release-notes
> Severity: normal
> (Apache maintainers X-Debbugs-CC)
> Hi,
> Many changes in the way to handle configuration (e.g., configuration
> files name must now end with .conf, semantic of access control, etc.)
> may deserve to be documented in the Release Notes, or at least a pointer
> to the upstream documentation. #721071 might be of interest.
> 	http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/upgrading.html
> Regards
> David
> [...]


I have made the following draft for documenting this issue.  A review
would certainly be welcome. :)

If there are any things on the packaging side (i.e. Debian-specific
changes since 2.2) that users should be aware of, please do let me know
as I am currently not aware of issues there.


diff --git a/en/issues.dbk b/en/issues.dbk
index bef2995..401ba29 100644
--- a/en/issues.dbk
+++ b/en/issues.dbk
@@ -209,6 +209,29 @@ $ echo 'openssh-server openssh-server/permit-root-login boolean true' | debconf-
+<section id="apache-httpd-incomat">
+  <!-- Wheezy to Jessie -->
+  <title>Incompatible upsteam changes in Apache HTTPD 2.4</title>
+  <note>
+    <para>
+      This section only applies to systems, which have installed an
+      Apache HTTPD server and configured it manually.
+    </para>
+  </note>
+  <para>
+    There has been a number of changes to the configuration of the
+    Apache HTTPD server in version 2.4.  Notably the access control
+    directives have changed considerably and will need manual migration
+    to the directives.
+  </para>
+  <para>
+    For more information on the upstream changes and the full list of
+    incompatible behaviour, please refer to the <ulink
+    url="http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/upgrading.html";>Upgrading to
+    2.4 from 2.2</ulink> document provided by Apache.
+  </para>
 <section id="systemd-upgrade-default-init-system">
   <!-- Wheezy to Jessie -->
   <title>Upgrading installs the new default init system for Jessie</title>

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