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Bug#760897: release-notes: systemd switch: customised init scripts

Hi Niels,

thanks for looking at this -- it's good to have it documented.

One structural point about the release notes that perhaps needs to be 
addressed is §4.5.7 "Special care for specific packages" in the upgrading 
chapter. I was anticipating that notes about systemd for people who are 
upgrading would appear there not in §5 where they are now. I'd suggest that  
§4.5.7 should be removed and a couple of explicit notes in §4 to point to §5 
too since it also applies to upgrades. I think users are in the habit of only 
looking at §4 for upgrade information and not the rest of the document given 
that it also covers installation, what is debian etc.

A couple of nits I might pick:

> +    If you have modified some of your init scripts provided by Debian,
> +    please be aware that these may now have been replaced by a systemd
> +    unit file.

s/replaced/superseded/   might be better, the init script will still be on 

> +    If either command flags any files and their corresponding packages
> +    now provides an systemd unit file, the systemd unit file will take
> +    precedence to your locally modified init script.  Depending on the
> +    nature of the change, there are different way to perform the
> +    migration.

Don't we also have the situation where systemd units might also be provided by 
systemd itself? There are certainly things like /lib/systemd/system/x11-
common.service provided by the systemd package and not the x11-common package 
which contains the init script.

> +    If needed be, it is possible to override the systemd unit file to
> +    have it start the sysvinit script.  For more information on
> +    systemd unit files, please have a look at the following resources.

s/If needed be/If needed/ or s/If needed be/If needs be/ (the first is better 
for formal language).

s/have it start/have systemd use/ ? (it is ambiguous here I guess it refers to 
the systemd unit which I assume is not what you really meant although on 
second reading of the links that follow, perhaps it is.)


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